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Carl has hand picked a selection of items he feels are essential for you to use along your fitness journey. These items are vital for you to reach your goals whatever they are. 

Carl has done the shopping already, so you do not have to waste any time trying to find your own products. 

With a few simple clicks, your products can be with you tomorrow!

TriggerPoint Foam Roller

Pre/Post workout foam roller used for self myofascial release.

Unlike other rollers, the Trigger Point's strong foam won't lose shape over time, offering you the same release years on. 


Triggerpoint Performance Stick

Built with 2 ergonomic handles for easy grip. The 3D foam surface massages the muscles while the grooves help to channel blood flow to soft tissue, aiding in preparation and recovery.

Remember to book in with Carl to show you how to use this correctly.

Massage Balls

These smooth, spiky and peanut balls are ideal for self myofascial release, Plantar Fasciitus or the removal of any tough knot that you can't get to with other tools. 

Remember to book in with Carl to show you how to use these correctly.


Non-Slip Exercise Mat

This thick exercise mat is perfect for your home workouts. Includes a carry strap for easy transport and to roll up and store away.

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